Snapshot January 2017

Welcome to the first edition of Snapshot! The purpose of these posts will be to give you just small view of the media I consumed throughout the month of January. I will write a paragraph about my reaction to the media and offer up other similar media that I consumed during the month. My hope is to peak your interest and maybe go check it out for yourself. Enjoy!

A Time Like This by Micah Bournes

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A Time Like This is a powerful album. Bournes has some raw emotions to express and he does so brilliantly. This album was an emotional roller coaster by taking the listener through the emotions of anger, sadness, happiness, etc. I find myself tearing up on songs like “Freakshow,” “Humming fools,” and “A Time Like This” but dancing along with songs like “All Hands on Deck” and “I Got Joy.” It was not just a emotional album but a convicting and thought provoking album. He deals with topics like racial justice, war,  and dating. I found myself thinking differently about the topics. If you have not heard Christian Rap before this may be good place to start. Other Albums: Running to the Sun by St. Beauty; Turn Out the Lights by Julien Baker; Parades + Under Giant Tree by Efterlang

My Larry Nassar Testimony Went Viral. But There’s More to the Gospel Than Forgiveness. by Morgan Lee in Christianity Today

I felt this was the most important article I read in January. To be honest, I did not know about the Nassar trial until it was almost over. Once I found out about it, I followed it very closely. This interview struck a cord with me. I was saying “Amen!” throughout the entire interview. Rachel Denhollander is able to speak the gospel truth in a way that I wish I could. But it was not only moving emotionally. It was very convicting. I began to think if this happened in my community would I believe the victims or the accused? I like to think I would believe the victims but this a theory and not something I have lived through (hopefully never have to). Overall, I am very thankful to Denhollander’s courage to speak these hard truths to us, for it is very needed. (I also recommend you watch her as she gives here testimony to Nassar: here) Other articles and posts: Woody Allen by Alissa Wilkinson; Pop Culture Myths About Romance by Julie Burk; Barack Obama’s Christianity by Michael Wear.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon

Most of the time when it comes to books, I go based upon recommendations from people I trust. But every once in a while, I will grab a book with no recommendations. The Amazing Adventures was one of these books. What attracted me to the book was the story being about the creators of a comic book character: “The Escapist.” It did not disappoint. Once I began to read it, I did not put it down. I even took it to work and read it on breaks. Besides the story, the style was unique and excellent. The style was similar to reading history or biography by presenting facts but it would give the story behind the fact. For instance, at the beginning you learn Joe Kavalier made it out of Prague to escape the Holocaust. Chabon then spends the next several chapters explaining how this happens. He does not just tell a story but develops characters by giving them each a backstory which allows you to connect to each of the characters. This makes the journey and conclusion more enjoyable. Other books: Watchmen  by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons; Wonder Woman Vol 1: The Lies by Greg Rucka; Black Swan Green by David Mitchell.

Public Domain Universe created by Ben Fort

I want to end on a fun note by discussing a podcast created by my good friend Ben Fort. PDU is an audio drama. To be honest, this was my first audio drama to listen to and it was a great place to start. (I listened to the first season in two days) The Premise behind the audio drama is to take a public domain stories and then adapt it. In the first season, he and two other writers each took a story; He adapted The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, KB Hoyle adapted Cinderella, and Peter Luby adapted Candide. My personal favorite of the three was Candide but all of them were excellent. Candide had excellent characters, especially the professor. Tom Sawyer had the best ending. Cinderella developed an excellent narrative and possibly hinted at something more? I cannot recommend the podcast enough. Other Podcast: The Church Politics Podcast Justin Giboney and Michael Wear.


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