New Direction

Back in August, I completed a project by bringing all my posts from different blogs onto this page. What I thought would happen next is I would start writing once a month but sadly this did not occur. I become frustrated and disappointed with myself. I thought I was not only failing myself but you the reader. I was struggling with how to communicate my feelings and thoughts.  I turned to the person who always helps guide  me when I am struggling: my wife Sara. I asked what she would enjoy reading on my blog. She simply replied “Write about what you are passionate about.” I was grateful for this insight for it began to give a direction. As I thought about this more, what I desire to do is learn from other people’s perspectives other than my own. This comes in many different forms, from listening to watching to reading. And I want create to blogs about  that show this desire.

How will this look? I am going to aim to publish something once a month. I will aim to have them out by the beginning of the month and they will review the previous month. The purpose will be to give you a snapshot of different media that I consumed through out the month. I will then add my own commentary to the link, book, movie, etc. My purpose will be to encourage you to read, listen, or watch for yourself. I am currently working on a post for February, so stay tuned…


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