Looking Back to Move Forward (Part 2)

This is the second Part  Click here for Part 1

In my last post, I discussed my desire for blogging and poetry. Where I left off was making the decision to abandon poetry and replace it with a different desire, my love for movies.

I begin to believe my poetry was not worth reading. Also it was difficult to write poetry and it was not always enjoyable. I have a love for movies which started in 2011 when I began a  job at Union Gospel Mission. There I met Isaac, who knew a lot about movies. One night we were discussing how I disappointed I was in general with movies. Despite my disappointment, he reminded there are good you just have to look for them. The next night he brought “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” I was instantly turned on to the idea and wanted to find more movies similar to it.  This search eventually lead me to follow the film critic, Roger Ebert. As I began to read his reviews, I wanted to write my own reviews and so I did with the purpose of sharing my love for movies. And I believe I accomplished just that. My writing may have continued but something better came along.

The something better was meeting, dating, and marrying Sara, as well as transitioning from an overnight job to my current job as a CPS caseworker. I had initially planned to continue reviewing movies but I did not find the time to write the reviews. This leads me to where I am today. Going forward, I want to share experiences so that you, my reader, can be affected. My hope is my posts will make you think more, feel more, and want to engage more. I also plan to mix in some movie, album, and book reviews. You also will see a poem mixed in as well.

I have finished the project of putting all of my past posts on this page, except for maybe a couple. I changed the name of the blog and added an About section (Click here). I am excited about what this could mean and I have big ideas about what will come next. However, I know my history so this could be my first post of 1,000 or it could be my last. But I am content with which ever way it goes.  Welcome to a new beginning.



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