The Election


It has been a week since the election ended and I have been wrestling with what to write about it. And I have decided to get a little more personal then I originally thought I would. So this post may seem a little more random then I normally will write on this blog but I hope this post will encourage more discussion on the subject so here are my thoughts.

Initial Reaction

Last Tuesday, I was live tweeting the election which was actually quite fun despite the outcome. However, I remember when I saw Pennsylvania switch to red that when it hit me on what was about to happen. Once this happened, I immediately prayed which is my initial reaction to many things. But this was one of lament and sadness. The next day was like a fog and like many people I was in shock. I begin to think of stories in Scripture to help encourage me. I thought about how Nebuchadnezzar was humbled by the Lord in Daniel. I considered how Israel was stuck with kings for whole generations and the country suffered greatly for their mistakes. In the end, I was pushed closer to the Lord but my heart still broke for those in fear. Because I know the I personally will not be affected because I am a white male. But there are so many others who will be and already have been.


One of the biggest story-lines I have seen is the numbers for people who voted; 81% of what evangelical voters voted for President-elect Trump. I consider myself an evangelical and I am white. But I am apart of the 19% who did not vote for President-elect Trump. Now, I know you can read numbers in different ways and they never account for every situation. But to me if if these numbers are off. They are still saddening to me.  I still find it very difficult to understand how someone who claims to hold a high view of scripture and at the same time vote for President-elect Trump. I know as I write this you may be thinking “How could you vote for Clinton.” And I would say I reluctantly voted for her after much prayer, thought, and reading of vast sources. I won’t go into explicit detail here as it will side track from my main point but you will probably be able to pick up on it as you continue to read.


As I have considered the numbers and thought how people could vote they way they did. My thought is the may have to do with experience and what you have been exposed to in life. And all I can account for is my own experience. As stated in my post from a month ago, I grew up in a Republican environment. And I hate to admit it but if this was eight years ago I would probably have been in the 81%. But the last eight years have exposed me to many different people and what they go through. I have worked at a homeless shelter where I have seen people who need help. I have volunteered for an organization called DASH which helps Asylum seekers. I currently worker as CPS caseworker where I see brokenness everyday. These experiences shaped the way I vote. But most importantly of all, I have continued to grow closer to Lord. And this is what lead me to vote. And these leads me to think about how not everyone else has had these experiences and therefore they probably cant understand why I voted the way I did.

What now…

The biggest thought has been what to do now. I remember talking with my wife and we are both struggling with how do we show to others we are safe place, especially to minorities. Because we know there are people who probably look at us and think “Trump voters.” This blog is an attempt to show the opposite to the world but I know it won’t reach everyone. I do know that I am more willing now to stand up for the oppressed then I have been before. And if you are reading this and have made it this far. If you are fearful of the current climate, know that I am here for you and am willing to stand up for you.


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