Favorite Albums So Far

For those who know, they know I love to listen and discover new music. They also know I listen to albums not just songs. I typically keep track of the ones I listen to in a year on Spotify. I wanted to highlight my favorite one so far and at the end I will mention a couple I am looking forward to. Before I begin, I wanted to explain a couple of things. First, there is no order as I find that impossible. Second, favorite does not equal best. I do not feel qualified to label best albums. I just enjoy listening to music. So with out further ado… (Note: For those interested the album is a link to the album on Spotify)

Gungor- One Wild Life: Spirit

Gungor has become my favorite band over the last year. So I have to mention the second part of their trilogy. While I like the first part Soul more, this is still one of my favorite of the year. Gungor is known for orchestral music and Spirit is no different. Some my favorite songs include: “Magic,” “Anthem,” “Kiss the night,” and “Body & Blood.” The other thing I really enjoy is they keep with being willing to sing songs that come from the heart but musically are talented.

Little Green Cars- Ephemera

This is my surprise album on the list. This is the second album by Little Green Cars. While I enjoyed the first one, it would not have made my favorite. But they really matured with this album. I well enjoy the sound they created with this one. Some of my favorite tracks are “The Party,” “The Song They Play Every Night,” and “Easier Day.” I am looking forward to continuing to listen to them.

Radiohead- A Moon Shaped Hole

As stated above I love band that sound like an orchestra so no surprise I really enjoy Radiohead. I have been listening to them for about four years. I was not a fan of the album before this. So my expectations were lower but this was by far from a disappointing album. The exact opposite happened. I believe this sounds similar to some of their early 2000s work which is my favorite(Hail to the Thief is my favorite). Some of my favorite tracks include: “Burn the Witch,” “Day Dreamers,” “True Love Waits,” and  “Tinker Tailor Solider…”

Ray LaMontagne- Ourobus

This is an album. What I mean is no song is complete without the other. Even though is says there eights songs. It really is only two songs. This album was made to be listened to on vinyl which I got. It really is joy to listen to this how album. It is ode to Pink Floyd. So while I could list my favorite tracks it would defeat the purpose of the album. I encourage you to listen to it in one sitting.

Relient K- Air for Free

I have been listening to this band for 15 years. My music taste have changed drastically over that time span. But Relient K stays the same. They are one of the few bands I have kept on in my music library through that whole time. So it really easy no surprise that they make this list. This could actually become my favorite album by them but I will leave that discussion for another day. This is just a fun listen. I feel like Matt Thiessen and Matt Hoopes really just enjoyed writing and recording this songs. Here are just a few of my favorite songs “Cat,” “Local Construction,” “Marigold,” and “Heartache.” The whole album really is good but I wanted to highlight just a few.

More to come…

The above is not all I have heard. Here is all the albums I have listened to so far this year: 2016. There are a few albums I am looking forward to Crowder’s American Prodigal, Bastille’s  Wild Word, and Gungor One Wild Life: Body. So stay tuned for an update to this list.


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