GAPS from the Husband’s Prospective

On January 3, 2016, my wife and went to one of our favorite restaurants, Thurber Mingus. This was a special occasion as it was going to be from the World’s perspective our last “normal.” The next day we were starting our GAPs journey. We did enjoy this dinner very much. We split our favorite burger with a side a fries. Sara had her favorite drink, Moscow mule, she will argue they are the best. And I was able to have my favorite beer Revolver Bock on tap which was very difficult to find at the time. This was very fun and I do not type this with a sense of wanting to go back to that. Quite the opposite actually. It is now a memory of a former lifestyle. It is now almost seven months and I wanted to give some perspective from what our family has gained.

The Change

Sara had been on some type of diet for the last handful of years. The main one she has been in is the Paleo diet. She did this because she was advised that this was the best chance to heal her body. Then she met me, at first I was very eager to change my diet to Paleo. And when we dated and were engaged. We stayed pretty close to this diet. However, when we got married life became difficult and we began to slip. I was mostly the cause of this as I would want to cheer her and myself up with food, which was not always healthy. Sara became discouraged about how she was eating. In the summer of 2015, she begin to look into how are eating affects our health. She mainly was looking at the Body Ecology diet. Well I begin to notice how discouraged she was about this. And so without knowing what it would mean, I told her that at the beginning of 2016, we would go on whatever diet she felt we needed to be on. To be honest, I thought it would be little changes here and there. But she stated she wanted to go on GAPS. This stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome. The idea behind the diet is you heal your body through what you eat. I do not have the space in this post to go over the whole diet the diet so here is a link to get more information: I will be honest it sounds really weird but it has been so rewarding.


Now that you have a little bit of background, I want to into the consequences both good and bad. To start the first three months were really difficult. The diet is done in five stages. And you slowly add food to it. To start with, all you get is meat stock which essentially meat and very little veggies. This was the first two weeks but it felt like a month. The first four days were the hardest. I remember coming home from work on the second day and having to take a nap before we went to City Group that night. This is apart of the detox process. But once I got past the first four days. I felt great and still do. I no longer have the afternoon sleepiness which comes from eating carbs. Even though this sounds really tough, it was not the hardest part. The hardest part was going to places and realizing you can’t eat anything and eating out was impossible. This unintentionally isolated us from people. We would have to bring our own food to places which we still do. We would sometimes have to say no to events because of the food choices. At first we did not respond well to other people bringing food we could not eat. All I this became better over time. Despite all of this I would not take back the decision for us to change our food perspective. Here is just a few of the reasons why: Sara has lost a lot of weight, we have better mindset, we have grown closer to each other and God, we constantly get opportunities to talk about all the good, and finally food has begun to no longer become an idol. The last reason is the one that has effected me the most. Before this change in perspective, I would not consider myself a glutton or that food was an idol. But once all the good was taken away I discovered how much food controlled my thoughts and actions. This has been very difficult to deal with as the love of food is ingrained in our culture that it is almost impossible not to struggle with this. I still am fighting through this but I believe I will get to a point where food is no a controlling aspect of my life.


When I started this diet, I got asked a question multiple times “How long will you be on this diet?” I am pretty sure I shocked some people when I said I forever. The reason this is shocking to most people is because diet is something you go on for a time. This is not case for our family. This is why I have begun to remove the word diet from my vocabulary and replaced it with perspective. We have committed to this as a life long change and we currently seven months in. For our family, it has been the best choice for us. I continue to look forward to the benefits that will continue with this change in perspective.


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