Milestone Reached: 1000th Movie Rated On IMDb

A couple of months ago, I was looking on IMDb rating list and noticed I was only fifty or so movies away from a thousand rated. So I decided that I had to try and make this special. The first thing I decided was to finish the AFI top 100 list and get to a thousand at the same time. Well I am so sporadic with how I watch movies that this failed to happen. So the next thing I decided to do was to pick a movie that would be special. I chose Magnolia for this role. And it was a great choice. A fantastic movie to be my thousandth rated… But as life usually goes. I was disappointed. It turned out that I had forgot to unrate a TV series. Thus making Magnolia my 999th movie rated. But I am still unofficially counting it my thousandth movie rated (Yes I realize this a cop out and embrace that fact). Besides at least I got a great introduction to a blog. I still want to celebrate this milestone. The first thing I will is give the numbers of my thousand movies.

The Numbers:

For those of you who do not know, the IMDb rating scale is based on a ten star rating scale. I have always loved this rating system because it gives me a lot more room to rate. So here are the numbers:

         10 star: 68                         5 star: 55

         9 star: 207                         4 star: 55

         8 star: 224                         3 star: 36

         7 star: 219                         2 star: 12

         6 star: 122                         1 star: 2

So the first thought you may be having is “Wow those numbers are really top heavy.” Well this actually makes a lot of sense. First if you look at the average rating of the movies I have seen which is about a seven. Thus it would make sense that most of my ratings would be pretty high. Also I usually do not go out of my way to see a bad movie. Second usually within every film I see there something I like about it. This could be number of things from the music to the look of the film. So typically what I do if it was not all bad it gets at least a six. Basically it has to be pretty bad and boring for me to give it a five or below.

A Perfect 10?

What makes a perfect movie? It really does depends on who you ask. Its what I love about movies, in that at their core is they are subjective. There are objective things within movies. For instance most people can tell there is a difference between an Ed Wood movie and an Orson Welles movie. But beyond that it really does become personal preference. So you may ask what is my perfect movie? I can’t really pen down one movie so I will give a handful of films that I typically put into this group.

The first is pictured above and that is Three Colors: Blue. This is the one movie that I can come close to saying is my perfect movie. I do plan on reviewing this in the near future so I will keep it short. Some of things that I love about this movie include: a great lead actress performance, great and beautiful camerawork, a beautiful score. There really is not one bad thing I can say about this film.

The next film I always talk about is Pulp Fiction. This is one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen. To put it simply, this is just not a boring film. I have seen this five times in the last three years and I never get tired of watching it. The last movie that I mention a lot is The Apartment. I actually watched this film three times last year and I am still in love with it. It has one of the best ending lines to a movie ever. This is also one of best Dramedies ever. Plus the combination of Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine is just brilliant.

Worst Movie I Have Seen?

As stated above in most movies I see I can always find at least one thing I like about it. Well there is one movie that I cannot even think of one thing to say it does well. This movie is Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda. For those of you who do not know Ed Wood is considered to be the worst director in Hollywood history. And if you have ever seen any of his movie you know why. You may ask why did I even take the time to watch any of his movies. Well Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors and I discovered he did a movie about Ed Wood. So I decided to watch some of Ed Wood’s movies before I get around to watching the Tim Burton film. One of these I chose was Glen or Glenda.

This movie really did have some promise. In fact at one point I thought I would rate it a four which is a ten in Ed Wood terms. But it took a nasty turn. The problem is Ed Wood tried to be artsy and it failed miserably. There is at least 30 minute sequence (at least felt like that), in which he throws at you a dream sequence. This was pure torture. I didn’t think a movie could get this bad but it did. Needlessly to say I do not suggest watching this unless you get a group together to make fun of it. As for me you could not even pay me to watch this movie again. In fact, I considered contacting Amazon to get my money back.

Concluding with the Beginning

Where did I get this love of movies? Enough that I want to write a blog about them? As far back as I can remember I have watched movies. Every Friday night at my house growing up we would watch movies. In fact, I know have watched more than a thousand movies. But I was not always like I am now. For that you have to go back to just over a year ago.

For many years I had been disappointed with too many movies. In fact the only director I could trust was Christopher Nolan. Other than that I was disappointed. Well at my overnight job I had run out of TV shows to watch and so I decided to start watching movies. So I asked my coworker Isaac for suggestions. The first movie he brought me was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind from there it exploded. Nowadays, I will watch just about anything but that is not to say I do not have a line. As a Christian there is certain things that I must discern on whether or not to watch. Something I am still working through is how to use my love of movies to best serve Christ. For now I just know I love watching movies and can’t wait to watch the next thousand.


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