A Year in Review

2012 was a great year in movies. It might be one of the best since I have been alive but only time will tell if that is true. We had the conclusion of the Dark Knight Trilogy and the beginning of The Hobbit trilogy. The Twilight saga finally concluded, that in and of itself is reason to celebrate. Wes Anderson and Quieten Tarantino both came out with new movies. There are show many things I want to talk about but first I will begin with Top 10 (Note this Top 10 is not quite finished but at this point I have seen enough films to know that there may be only one or two to make it.)

Top Ten

I got to see a total of fifty-four movie in 2012 which is the most I have seen for any year. For the complete list of the move I have seen listed from what I thought was best to worst, click here. So lets begin they will be list from best to least best. (* denotes that this movie is subject to change due to the fact that I have not seen all the movies)

1. “Les Miserables”

 Les Miserables was the best movie of the year. I know that I am pretty much the only one saying this but I am pretty much use to it. There are many factors that make this the best film of the year. The story and the music are stellar which was already known. What put this movie over the top was the countless great performances: Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Anna Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Eddie Redmayne just to name a few. The look of the film was just beautiful. And finally, as I stated in my review this movie portrays emotions perfectly.

2. “Moonrise Kingdom”

This was actually my best movie of the year from when it came out till the above movie came out. This is just a fantastic film. This could arguably Wes Anderson best film (so far). As with all Anderson films this was just an enjoyment to watch. While there may not be one great performance I can point to, as is the case with most Anderson films. The ensemble cast Was Anderson puts together overshadows that fact and is just perfect. Anderson is able to have a star-studded cast play off each other perfectly. To top it all off it is just a beautiful looking film.

3. “Cloud Atlas”

Unfortunately very few people have seen the greatness that is in this film and that is mainly due to the fact that they can’t understand it. Well neither can I but this may have one of the most entertaining three hours at a theater I have ever had. I am currently reading the book and I got to say the Wachowskis and Tywker were able to do a really good job. This may be a confusing film but aren’t movies suppose to be entertaining?

4. “Silver Linings Playbook”

This really was one of the better years for comedies. Many of you may be thinking why do I have a Romantic Comedy in your top 10. Put it simply it was that good. I don’t really nail myself down to one genre or another. But when you add that David O. Russell directed this film plus Jennifer Lawrence  I am going to want to see it. This was one of funniest movies of the year. Also with all the complex movie nowadays. It was nice to watch a simple film.

5. “Life of Pi”

This is the most beautiful film of the year but not just with the look of the film. The look of the film speaks for itself but the story is just a beautiful. You are gripped from scene one and can’t wait to see how it ends and at the same time sad that the movie ends. I could say more but my review goes into it more.

6. “Django Unchained”

Tarantino is one of the best directors now a days. Django is just a continuation of his greatness. The thing with Tarantino’s films is they hit you later on. And this film was no different. How he continually push the envelope never ceases to amaze me. He is able to put the sensitive subject of race at the forefront. You are left thinking more about racism works. Plus this is just enjoyable film to watch.

7. “Looper”

This was one of best original Sci-fi I have seen in a long time. And what made this even better is that there are times where you forget you are watching a Sci-fi. To make this even better its about time travel, which one of my favorite topics in movies. And the other great thing is usually when they have chance to talk about time travel. They wave it off as to hard. Just to make this even better is the acting. This was the best original Sci-fi of the year maybe the decade and beyond.

8. “The Dark Knight Rises”

At the beginning of the year, this was anticipated best movie of the year. So you may be thinking that this was disappointment but you would be wrong. This was everything I expected and more. While it was not better than The Dark Knight. It was a great conclusion to a trilogy and that can be so hard to do. Are there problems with it yes but this type of movie gives me hope for Hollywood films. Unfortunately  it was not nominated for best picture which more than likely means a superhero movie never will be. But it has raised the bar on superhero movies so I am interested to see if anything can even come close to this trilogy.

*9. “Flight”

Denzel is an excellent actor and he is no different in this movie. This a great film about a man wrestling with his demons. This ends up being a great character study. As I said in my review on the outside this looks like a movie about a man versus a corporation but it turns into so much more. If was not for Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel would be shoe in for the Oscar.

*10. “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

While this is a great debut feature from new director Behin Zeitlin that is overshadowed by one thing. The performance of Quvenxhane Wallis is one of the best ever by a kid. She was six years old when this was filmed and she should win the Oscar for best actress but she won’t because she is a kid. But she is what drives this film. She lives in a world that looks almost post-apocalyptic but turns out it is Louisiana. Wallis’ character live in a community that lives on its own but is threatened by a storm. The genius of this film is that most of the film shot through the perspective of Wallis’ character. Which makes her performance all the better. This is the film that should win a lot of awards but won’t.

Honorable Mentions

 As stated earlier this is one of better years in recent memory so I feel that I need to mention a handful a films that would have made my top ten list any other year. First up is Brave. This was an excellent film put out by Pixar, who never fails to put out good films. This is more subtle then in other Pixar films which is why it was not received as much praise. Nevertheless this could prove to be one of my favorite Pixar films years down the road. The second film is Ruby Sparks. This was an excellent film put out by the directors of Little Miss Sunshine. The thing that stood out was the writing and performing of Zoe Kazan. I am going to be keeping an eye on her. The third film is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. This was a great film and the only reason I kept it out of my top ten is that it going to depend on the next two movies. Thus we are going to have to wait and see. The last film I want to mention is  God Bless America. There are so many Indie comedies that come out now a days but few are a clever as this one. Not only is this funny throughout (probably stuff that should not be funny) but it is also a great social commentary. This would be my favorite comedy of the year if it was not for the above comedies.

Surprise Film of the Year

When it comes to movies I have expectations for every movie and most of them meet but every once in a while I get surprise treat. This year that surprise goes to Prometheus. Previously, I had never really been a fan of the Alien movies so I went in expecting a decent Sci-fi movie. What I got was a great movie. It was visually breathtaking and filled with good performances. Plus it had a great story which left you begging for more. This was actually in my top 5 till about October and did not leave the top 10 till November. In fact probably in a weaker year this may have made my top 10. I have learned something from this experience Ridley Scott rarely misses with his movies.

Most Disappointing Movie of the Year

Just to show how good of year for movies this my most disappointing movie was not completely horrible movie. Nevertheless Killing Them Softly should have been better than it was. For example when you have the likes of Brad Pitt and Ray Liotta for a gangster film. You expect a really good movie. But this was far from the case. First off the movie seemed to go nowhere and then when you go to the end you were left wondering where you did go. The whole time you are expecting something to happen but it never really does. Don’t get me wrong this film had some good moments. Like when Brad Pitt kills someone in the car next to him. The camera goes to slow motion and shows the bullets destroy the car and the person in it. But even with this you left asking “Was that really necessary?” That question pretty much sums up the movie. Still this was not a complete waste of time just disappointing.

Final Word

All in all this was one of the best year for movies in recent memory but only time will tell if that is true. To conclude I want to attempt to answer the question “What will this year be remembered for?” I do believe but really its more of a hope that people will look back and see this was the year Cloud Atlas  came out. Also although I have not seen the movie yet The Master will be remembered  Lastly, this may be the year where live recording of musicals was introduced into musicals. But this is all guess work. What I do know is that this was a great year in movies and I don’t know when the next one will be.


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