Life of Pi (2012)

Director: Ang Lee

Major Actors: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, and Adil Hussain

IMDb rating: 9/10 (click for page)

When I first heard of this film, I had no interest. Then I heard it was from a very good novel, not like a Twilight but actually a respectable book. So my interest got peeked a little. When the first trailer came out I thought it looks like a beautiful looking film and thats about all. So that is what I went in expecting a beautiful looking film to look but nothing more. I was wrong on one account that it offered me so much more than just a beautiful looking film.

Before I get into the story and characters, I want to first discuss the look of the film. It was held as the next Avatar, which if you know me this does not exactly boast my enthusiasm for the film. There is one thing in common that Life of Pi has with Avatar and that is the beauty of the film. As I have already stated a few times. This is a beautiful film. In fact it may just just be one of most beautiful films I have ever seen. There are just countless scenes where you will be going “Wow! Thats beautiful.” I don’t even know how many times I thought this. However, as Avatar showed me its not just the look of the film that contributes to the beauty.

Early during the watching of the film, I discovered that it differed a lot from Avatar in both the story and the characters. While the trailer makes it look like a castaway movie, it is so much more than that. In fact, the movie has two parts to the story. The first part is the early childhood of Pi. Here you discover that Pi is very interested in connecting with God (just to clarify this is not the full Christian version of God but rather an abstract being). This is the main theme that is traced throughout and requires more elaborating than I have space for here so I may write a longer blog on this soon. The second part of the film is what the trailers have shown which is the life boat with the tiger. This is the most dramatic portion of the film which makes sense it is a tiger on a lifeboat.

The other thing that contributes to the beauty is the characters. And really there is one character and that is Pi. And very early on you are able to connect with him. This is done through the use of humor. His full name is Pisicne and it from the name of swimming pool. However when he gets to grade school the kids find out it sounds like “pissing” so he becomes a joke. This is the first thing he has to overcome and he does so in a very unique way. Thus when the second part of the movie comes around you are able to get behind Pi. Overall he is a very likable character.

The last thing I want to talk about before I conclude is the use of 3D. As I have said many times, I am not the biggest fan of 3D. But I really wanted to see this film in 3D for it was advertised as an important feature. My overall impression is I still prefer non 3D but Life of Pi shows me that maybe 3D will get there. The 3D serves as an addition to film more than a distraction which is good. You could tell that during the filming process that Lee was not going out of his way to film 3D scenes. Instead, he utilizes in way that makes the film better. I do not think it is necessary to see this film in 3D but it may be worth your time.

As you can see by how much I have written. I really enjoy this film so much so that it may be the best of the year but I will wait to hold off on that. I do highly recommend seeing this film in theaters  It is well worth the time and money.


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