Lincoln (2012)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Major Actors: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, and Tommy Lee Jones

IMDb rating: 9/10 (click for page)

Spielberg was the right director for this film. There have only been a handful of times his formula to a film has worked to perfection. This is one of those films. Lincoln is easily his best film since Schindler’s List. So if you couldn’t tell by now I really enjoy this film. The thing that stand most out in this film is the performances.

Daniel Day-Lewis may well be the front runner for the Oscar this year. His performance is just brilliant which is no surprise considering who we are talking about. Day-Lewis is able to show two sides of Lincoln I am not accustom to seeing. When I normally think of Lincoln it is more of as an idealistic president but Lewis shows me differently. First he is able to show the simple side of Lincoln. He is constantly telling stories to bring home a point. The second thing is you are shown that Lincoln was no t above the politcal game. In order to try and get the thirteenth amendment, Lincoln is forced to buy votes. So what these two things showed is that he actually was a real person. Finally, Day-Lewis is so good you actually think you are watching Lincoln in person.

There are two other performances I want to highlight. First is that of Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln. She plays very well off of Day-Lewis. The best example of this is the argument scene. The scene is argument between Mr. and Mrs Lincoln concerning one of their sons. The performances by both are so good that you think you are actually watching a fight between a husband and a wife. The second performance is by Tommy Lee Jones. He is always a joy to watch, no matter what movie he plays in and this is no exception  He plays the leader of the Radical republican leader. Jones still has the wit that he is known for but gives a powerful performance.

There are many performance I could speak about like Joesph Gordon-Levitt, David Straitharin and James Spader. Overall the film was just a joy to watch, although a fair warning there is not much action but a lot great dialogue. So you have to enjoy dialogue and trust me this is filled with so many good monologues and conversations. The only thing that I did not like was that the ending should have been five minutes earlier but even that did not ruin the greatness of this film. This will surely get a lot of Oscar attention and rightfully so.


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