Can Anything Beat Moonrise Kingdom?

Up to this point of the year, I have seen 35 films. The best of that group is Moonrise Kingdom. I will not talk about it here for I plan to write a full review on it in the near future. But the Oscar season is upon us, thus my favorite movie season has arrived and this shaping up to be one of the better movie years in recent memory. So far Moonrise Kingdom has been able to beat: Cloud Atlas, The Dark Knight Rises, and Argo. If you would like to all the movies I have seen from best to worst, here is the IMDb list:

The movie will be listed in three categories. First is the contenders. These are the movies that I think have real legitimate shot of beating MK. The second is the would bes. This are the movies that are going to be really good but unless they just surprise me. They will not be able to beat MK. The last category is the Dark Horses. This are movies that could go either way but have the potential to be the best movie. Last year my best movie winner came from this category, so anything can happen.

The Contenders:

The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey (IMDb page)

Sliver Linings Playbook (IMDb page)

The Would Bes:

Les Miserables (IMDb page) 

Lincoln (IMDb page)

Django Unchained (IMDb page)

Flight (IMDb page)

The Master (IMDb page)

Dark Horses:

Anna Karenina (IMDb page)

Hitchcock (IMDb page)

Amour (IMDb page)

On the Road (IMDb page)


In the end no matter what happens I am more than excited for the upcoming month and half. Also this is by no means the only movies who could beat MK, just the ones that think can actually do it. But even with these above movies, its going to have be something special to be the best of the year.


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