Who Am I?

Been all my life
Told this is who
you should be.
For Instance:
You Don’t Drink.
You Don’t Smoke.
You Don’t Don’t…
So Many Don’ts
Not a lot of Dos

When a Do is
It is given under
The guise for
A “Better Life.”
For Instance:
Get a Job,
To Get a Car,
To Get the women
Whoever said that’s
The Best Life?

Neither of these answer:
“Who Am I?”
Culture goes to the
Opposite and Justifies
The Wrong.
Like: “Its okay to
Look at women like
“You’ve got to try it,
Men do it all the time.”
When have the masses
Ever been right?

In the end,
All the above,
Fail to answer:
“Who I am?”
The answer comes
Not by Dos, Don’ts, or Culture
But by the God-man
Who defines Who I am.
All the stuff defines
The outsides while
He defines the inside,
Which is Who I am.
Who am I? He knows….


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