The Flow of History

This poem was written for my early western civ. class that i took this semester. The assignment to come up with a creative time line. It is my longest poem so far.

Before time and space
There was emptiness,
With Father, Son and Spirit.
Although they were happy,
With Their Unity and diversity.
They Decided to create.
Thus beginning history.

Of all creation,
Man was the pinnacle.
Created in God’s Image.
Adam and Eve were
They were given rule
Over a perfect garden
With one rule,
“Do not eat the Fruit.”
They failed.
Thus tainting history.

The children of man
Became more like demons.
So much that God
Was regretful in creating
Man was past the point
Of help.
Thus a clean slate
Was called upon.
Noah was called
From the unrighteous
To be the remnant.
Thus God washed
The earth clean except
For Noah’s family
And the animals.

However this slate
Lasted a very short
For Noah tainted
Creation again.
Thus man disobeyed
Again by staying
Together and not
Thus at Babel God
Dispersed man
For he promised
not to flood again.
Thus man spread
throughout the earth.
The land between the rivers
Where civilization began,
Where prehistory became history,
Where Gilgamesh came from,
Where kings lived over
A thousand years.
Where Abraham the father
Of the Jews came from.

Abraham moved from Ur
By the voice of God,
To the promised land.
Where he father Isaac,
Who fathered Jacob,
Who was called by God
Thus the start of a nation
from between the rivers.
Jacob fathered twelve sons.
When famine struck their land.
They moved to Egypt
Which had a history of its own.

Egypt was the world’s first Empire.
The Nile was the spine
Of Egypt.
Where the Nile went Egypt went.
If the proper floods
Then Egypt flourished
If improper floods
Then Egypt perished.
This power was used
By the Pharaohs.
During the time of
Egypt was split between
White and Red.
These Pharaohs fought
For control of the Nile.
Depending on how the Nile
Flooded decided how
The pharaoh was viewed.
When this power was abused,
This Old kingdom fell apart
Plunging Egypt into
The Dark Ages.
Until Menthotep unities
Egypt once again.
Beginning the Middle Kingdom.
That is until Hyksos
Invaded and took over.
When they were expelled
After a hundred years.
The New Kingdom Began.

During the New Kingdom,
Israel and his sons enter.
Joseph, a son of Jacob,
Was sent to Egypt
As a salve by the other sons.
But through the hardships
Became second only
To the Pharaoh.
Thus when the family
Came in search of food.
They stayed for 300 years.

During this period
They were enslaved.
That is Until God
Heard their cries.
And sent Moses to set
Them free form bondage.
He came with twelve plagues
After which the pharaoh
Allowed the Exodus to occur.
After which Israel
Crossed the Red Sea.
And Went onto their land.
After many years wondering
The wilderness; Israel was ready.
Under Joshua they began
The conquest but only half-done.
For a couple generations
They were not ruled by
But Judges.
During which was the
Dark time.
Wars, capture, destruction,
Immorality, just to name a few.
The people grew tired
But instead of turning
to God.
They demanded a king.
They got the ungodly Saul.
He conquered but was unable
to rule.
Israel was still dis-unified
Until David came.

David conquered and ruled.
He unified Israel.
His Son, Solomon
Built the Temple.
However was unfaithful
to God.
And thus when his son came
to the throne.
The kingdom spilt.
And Thus was divided.

Many Kings ruled Israel and Judah.
All the kings of Israel were bad
While Judah had some good
some not so good.
However both were unfaithful
to God.
And thus God needed to discipline.
Which the prophets warned of.
Assyria, Babylon, and Persia
Assyria rose up to power
With a mindset to conquer
The World.
First they subdued Babylon.
Then it turned its head
To Israel and Judah.
Under the authority of God.
Israel was devastated
And taken off into
Judah survived thanks
to the good king
Assyria’s power did not last.
As the Battle of Carchemish
Gave Babylon the power.
And made sure Egypt
And Assyria were pushed

Thus Babylon being the new
Kid on the block.
Turned its head to conquering the land.
After Assyria and Egypt.
They went on to destroy
Judah and the Temple.
They took the best and Brightest
Into Captivity.
This included Daniel.
Who with his gift
to interpret Dreams.
Became a high advisor
to the king.
Then one night
While Babylon was sleeping.
Persia came and took over.

When Persia ruled
Israel was allowed
Their land back
Where they stayed
For a long time.

Meanwhile a new power
was growing in Greece.
Greece was the birthplace
of Democracy.
Their History begins with
The Minoans and Mycenaean.
The Minoans built
A labyrinth to store
the Minotaur.
Mycenae is known for
After these two
Greece went into
the Dark Ages.
After they came out
Two City States emerged:
Sparta and Athens.

These city states,
Were so vastly different.
They fought each other
in the Peloponnesian wars.
Neither of these cities
Ever gained complete
Control of the other.
However there was
Another Enemy in

Athens and Persia long
Fought over Asia Minor,
The cradle of philosophy.
Until finally King Xerxes
Could take it no longer.
He assembled an army
That was greater than
Any before it.
Thus 300 Spartans met
This army at Thermopylae.
Where they held on
Long enough for the Greeks
to Assemble.
Thus pushing Persia back.
While the Athenians and Spartans
Were going about their business.
There was power growing in

This power was a man
Named Alexander.
He like men before him
Wanted to rule the world,
After he conquered Greece.
He turned his attention
To Persia.
He went first to Israel,
then Egypt, then to Persia itself.
Once all was said and done
The Empire stretched
From Greece to India.
After he died.
His empire was split
Between his four
Greece thus grew
Complacent and a new
Power Emerged.

The Founding of Rome
is layered with myth.
They say that they are
From the God of War
Sons of Mars:
Romulus and Remus,
Who were raised by a
Fought for control.
Romulus won.
Thus the city named

After the brothers,
Rome was ruled by
Until one king became
To powerful and was
Thus began the great
Experiment to find,
the Perfect government.
After many tries they
became a Republic.

This Republic grew,
So much that the whole
known world was Roman.
This Republic made up
of Senators and Consuls.
lasted nearly 500 years.
Till a man came along.

The man was Julius Caesar.
He was a consul,
who wanted more power.
Thus he crossed
the Rubicon,
And ignited a civil war.
Caesar was stabbed
in the back and cried:
“Et tu Brutii.”

After the dust settled.
The greatest Emperor
Caesar Augustus.
His rule not only
Changed Rome
but History as well.
One of Greatest acts
was the Census.
Which put a prophecy
in motion.

This census forced
A Virgin Mother with Child
and her beloved,
To relocate to Bethlehem.
There she gave birth
to a boy.
This boy grew up
to say He was God and
That He had come to save
Thus he was captured, tried,
beaten, and executed.
But true to His word
He rose on third day.
Thus all of history had
built up to Him.
And His death and
Changed history more than
anything before it.
This Man’s name was:


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