The Cycle 2

So I was going to write a new poem in my notebook when I found this one. It was actually the first draft of “The Cycle,” which was posted early. Looking back on it this one I think is better than the other one. Anyways here it is:

You tell me what I must do,
But I act like I didn’t hear.
You plead with me to listen,
But I refuse to hear you.
You finally get me to listen,
But I spit in your face.
You remind of what you did.
I breakdown saying “I’m unworthy.”
You say “I make you worthy.”
But I say “Its nonsense.”
You say “You make it nonsense,
For is is my character to do
such a thing for you.”
So I say “You are right.
I will follow you,
For you are The Way.”
But I turn around
and go back to not listening.
You return once again to
Your pleading with me.
And so it is that a cycle ensues.
Seemingly endless going on
Forever and ever and ever…….
But there is hope.
For it is written.
“All things are possible with God.”
So I lean on that looking for…
the end.


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